A learning space that inspires young learners to become brilliant thinkers, The Phrontistery offers concept programmes from The Learning Harbour and The WRight Approach.

Infusing thinking skills in the application of knowledge content, The Phrontistery seeks to be a springboard for our young learners to reach their fullest potential by equipping them with practical learning skills.


About Us

The Phrontistery is a boutique educational institute which provides end-to-end student services for young learners in primary schools. Featuring quality concept programmes which focus on thinking skills, The Phrontistery seeks to create a community of engaged learners who will grow to become astute leaders of tomorrow.


Our Mission

To provide quality and conducive learning programmes for young learners as they grow to become inquisitive thinkers – creating mastery in the application of thinking skills across their school curriculum.


Our Vision 

To grow a community of self-directed learners who will grow to become astute thinkers of tomorrow, applying thinking skills beyond the classroom to become vibrant learners and resilient leaders.