“语乐” “寓教于乐” 的谐音,

希望通过有趣有效的教学方式,让孩子们在学习华文的同时,找到学习华文的乐趣, 提高华文华语的能力,从中找到成就感,成为一名高水平的华文人才。





Language Joy is the Chinese enrichment arm of The WRight Approach. As the name suggests, Language Joy aims to cultivate children’s interests in the Chinese Language through a combination of delightfully engaging and effective lessons. Besides igniting the children’s enthusiasm in Chinese, we aspire to build their confidence in listening, speaking and writing in Chinese, nurturing them into becoming proficient users of the Chinese language. 


We have specially crafted 4 different courses*, designed to suit the learning needs of different children:

  1. Word Recognition and Reading
  2. Learning Through Stories 
  3. Reading and Writing
  4. Mastering the Syllabus


While the materials and teaching styles for each class will differ, all the classes will ensure your child builds a strong foundation in Chinese, making it a breeze when it comes to understanding the Chinese lessons and tackling the examinations in schools. 


Breakaway from the mundane and repetitive Chiense spelling, dictation and practice papers, and let your child experience a lively and interactive environment for learning and mastering the Chinese Language today! 


*Please approach any of the coaches to find out which course type will be the best fit for your child.