With a diverse range of curated activities that will encourage the holistic growth of our learners, The Learning Harbour offers customised programmes that are age appropriate for Primary School learners.


Structured After-school Care Service

In our endeavour to nurture self-directed learners who relish learning, The Learning Harbour offers a structured where students are able to spend their after-school hours in a conducive learning environment.


After-school hours can be utilised to create a purposeful learning routine, and our holistic programme offers the facilities and resources required to adjust learners into a structured learning process after school.


The Learning Harbour is now open for admissions, contact us today to find out more about our registration process!


Holiday Fun

The Learning Harbour offers short term fun programmes to help students gain wider exposure to different content knowledge through a fun and interactive learning experience.


Primary School students can join The Learning Harbour during the school vacations as they explore different forms of learning and gain a rich learning experience through a combination of content knowledge and hands-on activities.


The Cabin

Learning to another level when concepts can be customised according to each child’s interest and learning abilities. The Cabin @ The Learning Harbour is a customised group learning programme which is specifically designed according to the learner’s interest.


Be it a school holiday workshop on a specific subject matter or a fun day out with educational games, Cabin @ The Learning Harbour is able to support a wide range of customised activities to meet the learning needs of your child and his peers!


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