The concept for The Learning Harbour’s programme is based on the learning blocks of ABC, namely

A – The Anchor of Learning

At the heart of The Learning Harbour is the need for students to have a conducive learning environment beyond their classrooms. As an anchor of Learning, it is The Learning Harbour’s commitment to parents that supervised homework completion and self-directed learning will be the key foundation stones of our programmes.


B – Bespoke Learning Experience

As a premium after-school care service, The Learning Harbour to committed to creating a bespoke learning experience for each of our students. With a small class size of less than 15 students per class, each student is able to receive attention when they require help in their homework.The Learning Harbour understands that students may be attending enrichment and/or co-curriculum activities during the after-school hours, and we accommodate students’ schedule by providing the option of a 3-days, 4-days, or 5-days programme.


C – Constructive Feedback

In creating a nurturing environment for our students, the Learning Harbour is a strong advocate of forming a tripartite relationship with students and parents. A strong partnership with parents will ensure that the learning progress of our students are charted to help them attain achievable learning outcomes, especially during the transition period where we seek to understand more of our students’ learning habits and social skills.