Anchoring our Children in a Safe Learning Haven

With learners at the heart of our organisation, The Learning Harbour is an after-school student care service which seeks to create a conducive learning environment for primary school learners. Offering a niche programme that provides holistic development for primary schools students, The Learning Harbour seeks to help students navigate through the ocean of knowledge which they have learned in school.


Seeking for every child in The Learning Harbour to be able to learn meaningfully in a supportive environment, the Learning Harbour is committed to creating a strong anchor for our children as they learn to brave the storms in life.

Offering supervised study and revision programmes to help students make the most of their after-school hours, The Learning Harbour provides a quality integrated learning experience for students that is complemented by a wide array of educational resources.



The Learning Harbour seeks to build and nurture children by developing in them strong character, positive attitudes and sound leadership ethics.



Beyond a passion for learning, The Learning Harbour provides opportunities for our students to develop their social and cognitive abilities. Aspiring for our students to reach for the stars, we aim to help them think out of the box as they grow holistically to become the dynamic learners of tomorrow.