The WRight Angle Events

In addition to our regular open house events, we also host niche programmes for both our learners and their parents to understand more about The WRight Angle’s curriculum structure and pedagogy design.

We invite you to join us at our events as we embark on a journey of thinking and inquiry, do check out our upcoming events and updates below!


The WRight Angle Open House

The WRight Angle organises open house for parents who would like to find out more about the programmes, and how the curriculum relates to the Mathematics syllabus set forth by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

In addition to understanding the The WRight Angle’s programmes, the open house provides an opportunity for our learners to experience a 2-hour introductory lesson where they are able to interact with our teachers and explore our self-directed learning zone where a wide variety of resources are made available for our learners.


For further enquiries, please contact us at  (65)  6262 6612 or


The WRight Formation 

The curriculum of The WRight Angle is designed in tandem with the Mathematics syllabus set forth by MOE and current examination trends, which makes it crucial for our curriculum to be refreshed and updated for our learners.

The WRight Formation is a briefing session conducted at the beginning of the year to update parents on current examination trends and syllabus refreshments. The briefing session will also inform parents on how we have mapped the curriculum of The WRight Angle to the MOE syllabus, creating an ideal formation for our learners to enhance their learning and understanding.


Register your interest and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!


Parenting Seminars

Did you know that the Mathematics framework as set forth by the Ministry of Education (MOE) includes “interest and enjoyment in learning mathematics” and “perseverance in solving a problem”? The benefit of Mathematics goes beyond the classroom and examinations, and The WRight Angle believes that ready resources are all around us to make Mathematics come alive!

Seeking to create a strong tripartite relationship between The WRight Angle, our learners, and their parents, we regularly organise parenting seminars in conjunction with The Phrontistery. Providing practical and innovative tips for parents to bring out the inquisitive thinker in your child, parenting seminars are designed to help parents bond with their child through activities and exercises.The parenting seminars are crafted to complement the curriculum of The WRight Angle, but we welcome all parents who are interested to find out more about how to raising inquisitive learners through our seminars.

Contact us at (65) 6262 6612 to find out more or alternatively, you can fill up this form and we will be in touch with you.