“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”
– Albert Einstein


A programme offered by The WRight Approach, The WRight Angle is a mathematics programme that is designed to help Primary 3 to 6 learners stretch their abilities in understanding mathematical concepts. Formulating a lesson structure which infuses thinking and cognitive skills into the curriculum, The WRight Angle provides learners with specific angles of attack to help them solve mathematical problems in a greater light.

If math is routine, mundane, or simply a drill, perhaps it is time to look at Mathematics from another angle.


The WRight Angle – Math in a New Degree

“Singapore Mathematics” has gained international exposure in recent years due to stellar results from international studies such as PISA and TIMSS. In developing the programme for The WRight Angle, one question that we asked was “how can we make something that is good even better?”

The mathematics syllabus set forth by the Ministry of Education was designed upon a hierarchical foundation, where higher concepts and skills are built upon foundational mathematics. As a structured discipline with a dependency relationship between syllabuses, The WRight Angle finds it pertinent to foster a strong interest in Mathematics for our young learners to sustain their progress and learning. With this deep understanding of the Singapore school system and enrichment system, The WRight Angle was designed with a set of complementary curriculum and pedagogy in mind.

A dedicated team researches into current examination trends and the MOE math syllabus, crafting a unique programme structure to help our learners understand the salient aspects of each mathematical topic. Pitched at a level that is achievable and relatable, students at The WRight Angle will be guided through practical exercises that will help them define the angle of attack for difficult problems.

In addition to a structured and curated curriculum, The WRight Angle uses thinking skills and LATTE, our in-house pedagogy, to help our students reinforce their understanding of the topics. As students gain mastery of the mathematical concepts, their abilities will also be stretched through exposure to higher order questions which requires the skilful application of the concepts


LATTE – Our in-house Pedagogy

One of the key features of The WRight Angle Programme is the joint development of curriculum and pedagogy. A complementary curriculum and pedagogy is crucial in ensuring that our students are taught the target subject areas effectively, and are able to replicate the same understanding in schools and during examinations.

LATTE is our feature in-house pedagogy which is designed to develop our students’ metacognitive skills. Used in our classes to facilitate an engaging learning experience, our Coaches are trained to build a positive learning environment for students to participate in purposeful questioning.


The WRight Angle Admissions

The WRight Angle is structured by terms, with each term consisting of 10 weekly 2-hour sessions. Each term will feature cover specific topics of the MOE mathematics syllabus, with a total of 4 terms in an academic year. The term structure is designed to help our students gain momentum in their learning, providing ample opportunity for students to gain an in-depth understanding of each topics and the respective interrelationship between different topics.

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