It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”
– Aristotle (384-322 B.C.), Greek Philosopher


Formed by combining the 2 words “think” and “wright”, ThinkWRight embodies the essence of our programme – nurturing artisan thinkers who are skilled in molding and shaping thoughts. Helping learners to create multiple pespectives, the ThinkWRight programmes seeks to cultivate critical and creative thinkers who are able to apply these tools in their academic subjects.


A programme offered by The WRight Approach, ThinkWRight is a specialty programme that uses English Language as a medium to teach our students Critical and Creative Thinking. Using a structured framework, our learners will be taught to use Critical Thinking to be proficient users of the English Language while creating room for them to be creative writers.

So, have we got you to start thinking already?


The ThinkWRight Difference


ThinkWRight is not about “thinking right”. In fact, we do not believe that students should adhere to the “one right and accepted way of thinking”. Instead of putting our students into a box, we give our learners different boxes and let them think about the content in the different boxes – how the boxes relate to each other and the endless possibilities if we were to think out of the boxes.


The ThinkWRight programme is structured to help primary school learners be able to think skillfully and to translate their thoughts into writing. Pitched at a level that is relevant and relatable, ThinkWRight seeks to impart dispositions of thinking by providing our learners with a set of toolkits to help them process information. Beyond academic excellence in the PSLE, we believe the skills will build a strong foundation for our learners as they progress to learn a wide variety of subjects in secondary school.


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The ThinkWRight Schemas

Inspired by Jean Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development, the ThinkWRight programme is structured by Schemas. Piaget defines Schemas as “a cohesive, repeatable action sequence possessing component actions that are tightly interconnected and governed by a core meaning”.


Each ThinkWRight Schema will last 10 weeks, with weekly lessons of 2 hours each. Lessons are structured to provide our learners with concepts of Critical Thinking, examples of how the concepts can be applied, and relevant exercises for our learners to demonstrate how well they have thought.


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ThinkWRight’s Key Personnel





Director of Studies – Dr Roy van den Brink-Budgen

“Stop eating and start thinking”


As the Director of Studies for ThinkWRight, Dr Roy is responsible for the development of our curriculum and the professional development of our teachers. A strong advocate for Critical Thinking, Dr Roy believes that our learners should be taught to read critically, evaluate and analyse data, and given sufficient room to make reasonable conclusions based on the evidence. In addition to his duties at ThinkWRight, Dr Roy is also the editor for Think! Magazine, a resource on Critical Thinking for Primary school students and teachers.


In addition to his penchant for strong black coffee without sugar, Dr Roy devotes a significant amount of time waiting for the sun to shine at his balcony in Ipswich as he works. While he is based in UK, Dr Roy makes several trips to Singapore in a year to conduct Professional Training workshops for teachers and update the materials at ThinkWRight. Dr Roy strongly believes that Critical Thinking should be used in our everyday life and makes it a point to emphasise that lesson materials for ThinkWRight should always come from resources and materials which we are exposed to in our daily lives.


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