Why The WRight Approach ?


The WRight Approach is a boutique learning centre which offers a series of subject based thinking skills programmes in line with the Primary School syllabus set forth by the Ministry of Education (MOE). With a dedicated team to curate and plot The WRight Approach’s curriculum, our lesson materials are designed to help students stretch their cognitive abilities as they process and understand the various subject content


The WRight Approach believes in moulding our learners to become courageous and inquisitive individuals, forming a community of insightful thinkers who will rise up to be visionary leaders of tomorrow. Our teachers are trained to create a vibrant learning environment where students are able to engage in purposeful questioning, while providing encouragement for students to overcome the challenges that they face in learning.


In tandem with The WRight Approach’s curriculum, the premise has been thoughtfully crafted to inspire learners to be self-directed learners, featuring a conducive classroom environment and a comprehensive library with curated age-appropriate resources.

In the endeavour for our learners’ academic excellence, The WRight Approach seeks to incorporate thinking skills in the creation of a holistic learning environment that builds character in our learners. We believe that thinking skills can be applied to every stage of our learners’ lives, as they learn to persevere through the challenges as steadfast leaders and lifelong learners.